NGN Chronicles

NGN first opened its doors in 2013 in Potters Bar, since then we have relocated in London and grown effortlessly by remaining humble to our roots.

We currently align with specific services that assist business functionality, by taking the best attributes of those industries and delivering it to you with elegance and finesse. Our mantra is to always go Above and Beyond.

Please join us as we take you through our journey of growth and excellence.


First Offices In Potters Bar

First AM Appointed

Partnership with Private Equity Company

MPLS Launched

Positive EBITDA

Industries on board

PR, Construction, Finance, Accounting, Digital Marketing, Data Recovery, Sports Companies, Sports, Manufacturers, Training Providers, Security, FMCG, Social Housing, Logistics, Market Research, Occupational Health, Healthcare, Gaming, Legal, Managed Offices


Office Expansion into London

Major Contract

90% Revenue Growth

Additional Industries on board

Childcare Services, Public Services, Healthcare Venture Capital & Private Equity Healthcare, Automotive, Accountancy, Consultancy, Hair & Beauty, Private Care, Procurement, Training Provider, Care Homes, Risk Management, Veterinary Clinicians


ISO 9001 Certified

1m+ Minutes Per Month

Major Contract
(Cares Homes)

61% Revenue Growth

Additional Industries on board

Fostering Services, Public Services, Events, Healthcare, Venture Capital & Private Equity, Automotive Parts, Accountancy, Consultancy, Private Care, Procurement, Training Provider, Care Homes, Advertising, Commercial Property


Major Contract

Major Contract (Manufacturing)

80% Revenue Growth

Additional Industries on board

Not-For_profite Org, Corporate Events, Corporate Facilities, Wholesale, Stationary Supplies, Private Transport, Healthcare, Public Services, Construction, Recruitment, Retail, Education, Comparison, Financial Services, Telecomms, PR


Head of CRM Appointed

2m+ Minutes Per Month

Strategic IT Partnership

10% Revenue Growth

Additional Industries on board

Agriculture, Estate Agents, Technology, Legal, Electronic Manufacturer Property, Developer Retail, Construction Engineering, Software, RPO, Wholesales, Rental Environmental Waste, Disposal, Not-For-Profit Org, Recruitment, Business Servicess, Fund Management Oil & Gas, Logistics, Publishers, Carpentry, Locksmith


Service Cloud Implementation

Global MPLS Project

3m+ Minutes Per Month

17% Revenue Growth

Additional Industries on board

Corporate offices, Property Management, Education, Media, Production, WebPage Design, Employability Services, Education ADLS, Global Consultancy, Property Development, Interior Design, Supported Housing, Manufacturer, Logistics, Haulage Contractor, RPO, Petroleum, Automotive


ERP System Implemented

4m+ Minutes Per Month

22% Revenue Growth

Additional Industries on board

Construction, Consultancy, Architects, Design Manufacturer, Fashion Warehouse, FMGC, Builder's Merchant, Medical Equipment & Supplies, Industrial Equipment, Mechanical Engineers, Construction, Ethical Racing, Software, Security Systems, SME, Metal Exchange


Product Specialist Appointed

Company Re-Brand

5m+ Minutes Per Month

Additional Industries on board

FMGC, Agricultural & Farming, Legal, Car Park Management, Not-For-Profit, Growth & Regeneration, Busniess Services, Global Financial, Corporate Offices, Property Management, Education, Media Production, Web-Page Design